Software Reference Manual – Health Toolkit Inspector Plugin Development

The Health Toolkit Inspector makes use of Plugin modules to provide an ecosystem to collect system information from an array of data sources. Each Plugin typically provides information from an isolated source and provides one or more different Profiles from which to select Feature data.

These Plugins are delivered as shared object libraries that the Inspector binary can load at run-time to provide the desired data streams. For instance, an Inspector configuration file might be created that includes the publication of the utilization rate of processor core number two, using the following form:

“value_profile”: “processor.core_usage:2”

In this example, the Plugin is “processor”, the selected Profile is “core_usage” and the number 2 is passed as an argument to the profile initializer. These stages are discussed in more detail in the following sections.

The rest of this manual provides the background theory and practical knowledge to develop additional Plugins to encapsulate additional data sources for Health Toolkit publication.

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