Realizing the advantages of Machine Learning in COTS and MOSA Aligned RF Systems – EW, ELINT and SDR Applications

28 May 2020

You are not alone if…

  • You are struggling to meet schedule deadlines for releasing radio frequency (RF) processing sensors or systems
  • You don’t have the answer to the contested Electro Magnetic Spectrum (EMS) of Tomorrow
  • Your sensor or system is being asked to do more and share actionable data across boundaries 

Can you relate? If so, you may need a Commercial-Off-the-Shelf (COTS) Modular Open System Architecture (MOSA) to meet your RF processing needs.

Our customers are able to hit the ground running by utilizing our mission ready, rugged electronics designed to meet the demanding Avionic (DO/EASA) and U.S. Military Standards. This will enable your teams to spend more time focusing on the mission and countering threats, while we ensure you receive leading edge technology designed to meet the most discriminating of performance environments.

We provide machine learning ready hardware capable of processing large bandwidths that will aid you in achieving your mission and that are capable of enhanced signal classification or adaptive processing. Our machine learning-enabled systems make sure you will be ready to adapt on the fly, classify in novel ways, aid in battle management, or process autonomously when networked sources are denied (Counter Cyber Vulnerabilities). An Abaco Systems solution will ensure adaption to multiple missions with quick changes in software and firmware. By utilizing the same Baseband RF processing unit, you can share hardware across missions and leverage the cost and schedule savings across platforms to meet your needs.

Abaco Systems solutions are designed to take advantage of existing Avionics and Platform I/O coupled seamlessly with future proof ethernet-based communication protocols. These products are designed to be networked and ensures data is accessible across boundaries. Our solutions remove issues created by other underperforming system.

Abaco System products provide a framework to future missions and capabilities. Advancing COTS Modular Open Systems is core to Abaco’s values and technical strengths. Let us ensure that you can realize schedule and performance gains across multiple platforms and that you have the networked solution to meet the contested Electro Magnetic Spectrum of Tomorrow.

Luis Esparza