Meeting the Need for Technically Diverse Solutions to Complex Issues

30 April 2020

In a day and age where change is the name of the game, it’s imperative that we continue to seek out mutually beneficial partnerships to advance joint interests and bring out the best in one another. Sometimes a good partnership looks like a family teaming up to make sure surprise guests under the age of five do not end up in the background of an otherwise important video conference during the COVID-19 pandemic. Other times a good partnership is a bit more complex, involving businesses working together to provide their customers with a unique product to match their multifaceted needs. Abaco deeply values partnerships that bring our customers new solutions using the latest technologies from top experts.

Abaco is proud to announce our partnership with DeepSig – which offers our customers the ability to deploy OmniSIGTM software on Abaco’s 3U VPX ecosystem which includes RFSoC/DSP/FPGA platforms, single board computers, GPU/GPGPU platforms based on NVIDIA technology, network switches and mission ready systems. This software utilizes artificial intelligence inferencing for signal identification and classification in electronic warfare and signals intelligence applications. Artificial intelligence is a key focus for Abaco's future strategies, and this partnership with DeepSig allows us to show prospective customers a complete, integrated, hardware and software solution that is rugged and ready to deploy. 

One of the highlights of this partnership is the ability of the OmniSIG sensor to detect, classify and report anomalies, changes or threats in real time allowing our customers to make sure there are no unexpected guests in the background. Abaco’s partnership with DeepSig goes above and beyond existing spectrum monitoring solutions to not only detect and classify signals, but also inform contextual analysis and decision making. OmniSIG is more robust, providing for less computational resources and dynamic range allowing for improvements in speed and design requirements. This partnership meets the complex needs of our customers by combining our hardware with DeepSig’s software to deliver significant advances in signal identification and classification.

“Artificial intelligence-based applications are a key focus for us at Abaco, and this partnership with DeepSig allows us to show prospective customers a complete, integrated, hardware and software solution that is rugged and ready to deploy,” said Peter Thompson, Vice President, Product Management at Abaco Systems. “We are actively seeking partnerships with software vendors like DeepSig that align with Abaco’s technology initiatives and provide new and technically diverse solutions to complex customer issues.”

The Specifics

OmniSIG runs on Abaco’s SOSA aligned SBC3511 and can be accelerated with Abaco’s GPGPU boards (GR2/4/5), which, when coupled with the VP430 RFSoC board creates a high performance, low SWaP platform for signal intelligence and EW applications. It can also be deployed on the GVC1001 mission/display computer and leverage its market-leading AI performance.

Francesco Fiaschi

Francesco is Abaco’s Software Product Manager. Having graduated from the University of Padova in Italy with a masters degree in electrical and electronics engineering, he has held a number of positions with a range of companies including Wind River, Intel, Infineon Technologies, Spirent Communications and Access Europe. He joined Abaco in July 2018.