Autonomous vehicles


Abaco technology enablers

  • Image- and sensor processing.
    • GPU, CPU, FPGA, multi-function I/O, data acquisition, FPGA radar processing
  • Decision, compute and system control
    • Deep learning
      • GPU, CPU, FPGA, FPGA-based DSP
    • High Performance Embedded Computing
      • High memory bandwidth SBC, real time I/O, secure Ethernet, safety certifiable real time processors
  • Package optimization
    • SWaP-C optimized open architecture rugged computer

Abaco’s defense pedigree enables autonomy - safely.

SWaP-C - Safety compliance - Redundant communications - Anti-tamper secure boot - Harsh military environmentals - High performance computing - Target tracking - Secure networking - Real-time computing - Sensor processing

SWaP-C - Safety compliance - Redundant communications - Anti-tamper secure boot - Moderate environmentals - High performance computing - Image recognition - Secure networking - Real-time computing - Sensor processing



Compute capability

  • Ingest and processing of terabytes of data
  • High performance, real-time, embedded computing: ~teraFLOPS of processing power
  • Satisfying needs of data-intensive digital signal processing in real time
  • Reduced SWaP and efficient thermal cooling allows for high compute power capability
  • Configurable input/output interfaces
  • Deterministic, low latency data processing capability
  • Real time mission control applications


Dual FPGA Carrier Module

Rugged Mission Computing System

Dual Intel 5th Gen Quad Core i7

Stratix 10 FPGA device


Working in partnership



Abaco DSP products take advantage of Intel security features, specifically the Stratix 10 FPGA device.

  • Abaco’s advanced secure networking:
    • Brute force attack mitigation, DoS and DDoS protection
    • TCP reassembly for fragmented packet protection
    • Network attack detection, SYN cookie protection
    • Malformed packet protection, zone-based IP spoofing
    • Memory sanitization through non-volatile memory read-only
    • Anti-tamper
  • Routers provide robust intervention prevention systems:
    • Protocol anomaly detection
    • Stateful protocol signatures
    • IPS attack pattern obfuscation
    • Custom signature creation
    • Frequency of updates (daily and emergency)

Safety and standards

  • Products designed for military safety certification, with long term support:
    • DO-178 (software)
    • DO-254 (hardware)
  • COTS solutions to enable military standards such as VICTORY and FACE
    • DAL A compliant mission computing platform
    • VICTORY compliant Ethernet switches
    • DO-254 and DO-178 compliance airborne safety certifiable graphics processor

Autonomy Computer for Highly Automated Vehicles – the need for Rugged and Size, Weight and Power Optimization

Highly automated and fully autonomous automobiles are on the horizon. In this white paper, we review the key technologies and their characteristics that will make them a reality.



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